Our concept-driven journey to be the leading engineering consultancy company in UAE and extending it globally has been only possible with a passion-curated team.

About us

Most people are born with an innate passion, which in certain cases reflects to the bearer"
Hi, I am Mazen Abou Ahmad, Chairman of Hannover Consulting Engineers. It started as a hobby and grew into devotion, and when the time was right, I decided to establish my own firm, Hannover Consulting Engineers, and that is when my dream became a reality. I built my company’s vision on ethical engineering principles with clear goals to excel on the world stage and achieve the highest standards. Hannover’s strategy will always be to strive towards technological improvements and the future evolution of architectural engineering.
We at Hannover Consulting Engineers work tirelessly every day to achieve our vision of offering quality engineering services to our clients. Our projects include everything from residential homes to commercial and industrial complexes, skyscrapers and stadiums. Doing something I love is a dream come true and I encourage other future entrepreneurs to nurture their passion and chase their dreams. To my fellow entrepreneurs, I'll leave you with this quote “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

Eng Mazen Abu Ahmad

Chairman and Founder


Chief Executive Officer

Eng Talal Jarbou

Projects Director

Eng Fadi Dernayaka

Technical Manager

Eng Mohamad Al Bakour

Projects Manager

Eng Monaf Shalhoub

Design Coordinator

Eng Adnan Naser

Senior Architect and Desinger

Designing Team

Engineering Team