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Architecture Design

  • Conceptual design and analysis.
  • 2D and 3D renders (animations & videos)
  • Schematic design development.
  • Development and landscaping designing and detailing.

Interior Design

  • Interior conceptual design and analysis.
  • 2D and 3D renders (animations & videos)
  • Interior design development
  • Drawings & detailing

Structure Design

  • Conceptual and schematic structural design stage
  • Structural full modeling and calculations
  • Structural design development
  • Drawings & detailing

Mechanical Design (HVAC & plumbing)

  • Conceptual and schematic mechanical design stage
  • Mechanical design calculation
  • Mechanical design development
  • drawings & detailing

Electrical Design

  • Power, lighting, audio-visual & home automation
  • Conceptual and schematic electrical design stage
  • Electrical design calculation
  • Electrical design development
  • Working drawings & detailing

Tendering Documents

  • Preparing a full bill of quantities, materials specifications and requirements
  • Preparing a full tender analysis, comparison and recommendation study based on each project needs
  • Preparing a value engineering study based on each project



Check Projects

Site Supervision

  • To strictly implement high accuracy, compliance with project specifications and standards, as well as UAE standard regulations and procedures.
  • Ensures that every construction project is successfully completed within the constraints of best excellence, contractual period and cost.
  • We proactively supervise the Project, the Contractor and Subcontractor to deliver the Project following the agreed cost, time and quality objectives

Engineering Technical Services

  • Engineering technical review for all shop drawings and project materials
  • Engineering technical site works support as required
  • Drawings related to all engineering parts based on each project requirements and needs
  • Project materials to comply with the tender documents and drawings
  • Engineering technical site work support

Project Management Services

  • Performs the Engineering services up to the completion of the Construction, Commissioning and Handing-over to the clients
  • To provide direction for the effective implementation of the Methodology and Quality Management System on a day-to-day basis